VIP & VIP 007's


In  a world where any man can choose to spend his time with any lady, and a different lady each time... It's important for this Bond girl to recognised and appreciate the man who returns. 


I classify those who return to me within a certain time frame as my VIP's. They are my valued return clients. No, not every return client is classified as VIP which may be on account of a variety of things. 


When my VIP's see me again within certain time frames they receive the option of extra time as my personal thank you for their return and our continued connection. 

To receive VIP rewards one would ordinarily be booking each month, say 3 times within 4 months. 

All return clients are eligible to be considered for a VIP reward including 1/2 hour clients, provided they are booking every 2-3 weeks usually. 


VIP 007's

My VIP' 00's are the "Next Level" of valued return client. 

Being classified as VIP 007 would likely have something to do with how they go about booking, often booking with notice. 

It's apparent I am their preference and they are willing to wait for me to become available. If I see them during my  9 day f'off' period they make it worth my while. Minimum 2hr. 

They make our time together feel less transactional in a variety of ways. Our conversation and intimacy pre and post the physical side of our date allows us to connect better.

That being said, VIP007's are respectful of boundaries, not bombarding me with 367 text messages between bookings. 

Sometimes, but not always VIP007's may have written a testimonial, brought a small but thoughtful gift, or even lent a hand around the safe house. 

These clients make my time in this industry feel less, transactional.

VIP 007s rewards include 

  • Priority over all other enquires and my standard VIP

  • Additional time offered complimentary as a thank you or gift from me. 

  • Influence (input appreciated) over lingerie I buy. 

  • First option to join me at the 5star hotels in which I have my photo shoots. 

  • Invitation for extra time and lower rate (on top of usual booking at full rate) to 'meet my quota' (usually toward end of the day/ night).

How do I know if am classified as VIP or VIP007? 
You'll be advised verbally during our date, or you may be advised by text when you book. Ie, you may be offered a reward with a booking you've just made. 

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My availability is only sent out once per fortnight (if that).