Bond Defers Rate Increase

Updated: Oct 18, 2020

In the past 4 months I have had a number of clients tell me my rate could easily be higher... with one beautiful Gent rating his time with me equal to and/or exceeding other $650-$1000 p/h experiences he has had in the past. In an industry where one could be influenced greatly by what others are doing (or appear to be doing) - I think it's important for me to do things my own way, and for my own reasons. So here are eight reasons why I have decided against a fee increase .... and what I'm doing instead.

1. Checking My Ego

One could easily get a little miffed that a client pays $50-$150 p/h to another girl for the same experience that I provide. Why shouldn't I be paid what he pays other girls? Sure a rate increase could remedy this... But all things considered, this sounds like a girls ego talking and does not take into consideration the multi faceted big picture of this business... Not to mention the time frame in which I intend to be here. Check your ego Ms Bond.

2. Catch 22

Should I honour existing clients to see me at my old rate, it means a very big portion of my income will be at the old rate anyway. That is unless I prioritise newer clients at an increased rate, which defeats the purpose of keeping original clients happy at the lower rate.

3. Higher Paying Clients Not Necessarily Better Clients/ People

I guess the same could be said for ladies who charge higher rates. I've heard numerous stories from clients in particular one girl at $800 an hour who was drunk and fell asleep through the booking, oh dear! To me it's a broad variety of things that makes a client more or less enjoyable to be with, irrespective of the fee paid. And to date my guys have been for the most part, lovely. If I don't like the client I don't charge him more, I'd avoid seeing him.

4. Clients With Bigger Budgets Can Book Longer

As my guys continue to provide genuine testimonials of our time together, I wonder if prospective clients who are sceptical of girls not charging premium prices will take the gamble and try the girl with the 'average' fee... Maybe he will be pleasantly surprised. Maybe his allocated budget would enable him to book longer which would be ideal for me.

5. Avoiding the Dip

In a perfect world a fee increase could mean one less client a day for the same revenue... However, with some knowledge of mainstream business, I'm going to take a wild guess and suggest that ladies with higher rates could potentially be the first to feel it when the economy takes a dive. They may also be the first to notice a drop in income during typical quiet times such as School Holidays, End of Financial Year and January. I did not experience the 'dip' during recent School Holidays, despite some return clientele being absent during September Holidays. Lets avoid the dip.

6. Under Promise / Over Deliver

I don't know how many times clients have booked at half hour or an hour, then a few minutes after arrival asked if it was possible to stay longer. It's believable that my rate makes it easy to "over deliver" on client expectation. My service is my service. In reality it is just 'me' or 'my way'. I am not 100% certain what more I could do at an elevated rate to maintain an under promise / over deliver standard.

7. If It's Not Broke, Don't Fix It

One of the reasons why a rate increase has been the topic of discussion between myself and trusted advisors (high end fellow SW/ friend and a few clients) is not just on account of the percentage of clients that return to me, but the frequency at which they return. While I could decide not to apply my rate increase to gents I already have met... There is nothing to say gents I see at $500 p/h would see me as frequently as my $400 p/h guys. If only one had a crystal ball? Therefore, in order to replicate what has occurred in the last few months, I should continue to do what I have done... If it's not broke, don't fix it.

8. Exploring Methods to Increase Extended Bookings

To date I have not advertised overnight bookings or whole day dates.... Generally only providing them by extension to clients who asked whilst we were already in booking. I have now made a decision to advertise them at an experimental rate, which some may consider low. The way I view it. If I could make the same money with one client over 8 hours, not have to 'manage' my phone in that time, deal with less laundry AND provide an encounter MUCH closer to what would really be a girlfriend experience... I think it's worth toying with.

So there you have it gentlemen... A Bond Girl's mindset around choosing to put a hold on a fee increase. You're very welcome and ENJOY.