Where are you located? 
My Safe House [Incall] is located in West Perth.
There is plenty of street parking.
It's close to the train station. 

What secret services do you provide? 
I operate within the GFE  or Girl Friend Experience arena. Specific secret services are listed here
Why do you blur your face? 
Smart agents do this to ensure their cover is not blown. Additionally this provides discretion for the gents who like to enjoy dinner dates and outings. 
How do I know you're attractive? 
Beauty is in the eye of the beholder, so there is only one way to find out :)
Are your rates negotiable? 
Bond girls save their negotiation skills for more important things. [So, No]
When are you available
View my availability page for more intel on my schedule.
Do I have to pay for a deposit? 
More on my thoughts around deposits here.
What is your security clearance for outcalls?

Security Clearance requirements can be viewed at the bottom of my Fees Page 

Can you send me a photo? 
If you would like more photos, follow me on twitter. I generally only send selfies to return clients if they ask super nice. 
Do you party? 
Not unless  you mean having sugar in a coffee. 
Do you tour? 
I would love to tour, especially to meet some of my interstate twitter followers.... My challenge in touring is that of my 5 available days, if I spent 1 day travelling there and 1 day back - I lose 2 days availability (and 2 days income), when you add in the cost of accommodation and flights - it makes it much more financially viable to stay where I am, in demand of the clients who see me here in Perth. 


(Rates for my Secret Service)
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