I often have gents opening up a dialogue in order to 'get to know me' before a booking. While I appreciate this can make our appointments more personal, it is not an economical use of my time. 

Given how I choose to run with the Bond Girl / Double Life dialogue, I can understand it may be difficult to get a feel for me. 

So below are some frequently asked questions. 

What Nationality are you? Are you from Perth. 
Yes I live in and I am from Perth, born here. 

Do you have tattoos? 

No I don't. It's not that I am anti tattoo.... moreso that my life perspectives, taste and philosophy change enough over time for me to feel a tattoo may be a bit too much commitment for me. 

Is your body Natural or Enhanced?
Breast implants aren't really my thing due to personal reasons. I have however considered having fat transferred from elsewhere to my boobs, but I don't really have a lot spare elsewhere ;) I sport a MILF bod, that has faired well post babies.l

Do you work out? 

I do yoga once a week and I like a brisk walk. 

Have you travelled? 

I've visited Europe, The States, and all major cities in Australia except Canberra & Adelaide. I've seen a good portion of regional WA. Oh, and it would be unAustralian to have not visited Bali :)

I would love to visit New Zealand, Norway and Italy one day. 

Is this your only job? 

I have a very big, unpaid, sometimes thankless... but incredibly rewarding job to which I devote a lot of my time :). In addition to that I have a couple of business orientated projects that keep me busy and will serve as an exit strategy from Yvette Bond. 

What do you do in your spare time? 


[Rates for Secret Service]