For NEW clients - Some of the days I am available for special orders, a deposit is not negotiable. Other times, where I am stationed at my Safe House [Incall] I may not necessarily decline your booking without deposit... 
BUT please consider  the following as to why you may want to pay one  even if our time together is to occur within hours :)
Every smart business has KPI's, policies & procedures to ensure things flow. The secret business of Yvette Bond is no different.  

Therefore it is important to avoid or reduce  frequent "short notice cancellations" and "no shows" which can be destructive to mission time and revenue. 
Rather than creating new rules, I believe it's better for me to operate by my own rules... and leave you to decide, if you want to gamble with the effort and time you've devoted to achieving your mission. 
So consider this:
If another assignment comes through to me with deposit (especially if it is a longer booking)....  OR A repeat client wishes to see me at your designated time...  OR The booking prior to yours wishes to extend.... 
In any of these situations I have to make a choice about what to do with my time and my energy. I do not want to have to push your time back, shuffle it to another spot or simply cancel it. BUT If you have transferred a deposit, then I know you, and our time together are a ''sure thing" and I won't HAVE to consider doing this.  :)
Gentlemen, please understand I am simply a 00 agent doing my best to reduce collateral damage and maximise my rate of mission completion ;)  
That is the way of the Bond Girl. 
What you do next, is up to you *wink* :)
Secretly Yours
Agent 0069, Eve xxx 

Deposits are not required for return clientele. unless a return client cancels short notice.

Visit the following page for information on how to pay your deposit. 
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