....is to relax & unwind in the company of a well rounded but insatiable mistress who is licensed to thrill. Further, it’s imperative that during your expedition you’re able to consummate exquisite satisfaction of the erotic nature. 


Do you accept your mission? 


To complete your sensual assignment, Yvette Bond 0069 is the only independent honey trap we trust to exact your initiative. She has a dangerous penchant for excitement and touch, and above all, explosive climax. 


When you step into her secret world and leave behind your daily life - it’s easy to forget she lives in a world separate to you. You will find her friendly and approachable, making conversation flow easily.


But make no mistake, Bond is a passionate force to be reckoned with and is one of this cities most effective 00 agents in the GFE arena. 


Fluent in the art of the french kiss, she enjoys studying a new tongue. Ms Bond has successfully completed many secret orders with a natural blowing of the mind.


One thing we do know for certain about Agent 0069 is the enjoyment she takes in being teased and pleased is as much of her trademark as it is, to tease.... and please. It’s our understanding that such a strategy will leave Bond like putty in your hands.


Ms Bond’s double life means discretion is paramount to her and by extension is guaranteed for you.


It's critical you complete your mission & time is of the essence.

Though it is possible to engage Agent Eve on short notice 5 days per fortnight, she can be difficult to access. Consequently, advance planning to secure her for the enjoyment of life’s primal pleasures will increase your chances of a successful mission.

Good luck & remember - 

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